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To Fiesta Filipina

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Fiesta Filipina started out as a food truck operated and owned by Thelma Ward. Her eventual dream was to create a restaurant in which Filipino food enthusiasts and those new to the cuisine could eat and experience the delicious dishes the Philippines has to offer.

As of Sunday, June 18th, 2023, the Park Place Mall location has shut down. We appreciate all of the support for our brick-and-mortar location from our passionate customers. We’re looking forward to continuing to serve those customers and the greater Tucson area with our food truck! 

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We take pride in our food


Fiesta Filipina serves only authentic Filipino cuisine.

Home-style Food

Each recipe at Fiesta Filipina was created by the owner, Thelma Ward.

Freshly Prepared

Our dishes at Fiesta Filipina are freshly prepared and cooked.

Vibrant Culture

Fiesta Filipina aims to bring the vibrant culture of the Philippines to Tucson, Arizona.

fresh & Delicious


Each item on our menu is made fresh from premium ingredients and served to you. We pride ourselves on our delicious recipes that Ms. Ward has developed over years of experience in the kitchen. You will love our selection of fare whether you are an experienced Filipino food-eater or just trying our cuisine for the first time!

“Thelma aims not only to serve authentic Filipino food, but also to educate others on her heritage. Tasting her dishes reveals the combination of Spanish and East Asian influences that make up the unique canvas of flavors in Filipino cuisine, and its culture.”

kim johnston, Tucson foodie

need food for your next event?

We cater For events!

Are you looking for some special and delicious fare for your next event? Look no further. Fiesta Filipina will take care of you by preparing and serving the best recipes of the Philippines. Just contact us and tell us what you need!